Hello, and thank you for visiting my wee website!

It’s mental to me that I just typed those words. For a writer to start a website, it’s normally a good idea to have some published work to showcase. That was a pipe dream this time last year.

Then, something clicked. I stopped messing about and started making the necessary adjustments so I could give myself more time to write, to grow and improve, to submit more and get a few more than six followers on social media. I still have a way to go in all those departments, but the last year (and especially this last six months) has put me in a place where I’m confident and happy get this thing up and running.

Please, take a look a round. If you have time, read some of the pieces I have out there. And please, do delve further into the websites and organisations that have published me (I’m honoured to be involved with each and every one of them). There’s some brilliant , supportive people out there, and plenty of genuinely world-class writing in the online indie lit community. I only wish I’d got involved with it sooner. But, hey. Fuck it. Better late than never.


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