Little Gems I Loved in 2018

pale image


The best thing I did as a writer this year was to read more flash fiction and CNF than ever. Next year, I’ll be bookmarking my favourites and posting them on here, maybe every month (as much for my own access as anyone else’s!)

For 2018, I’m doing it off the top of my head and if I had time, I’d do a top 100. But here are eleven little gems that really stayed with me this year…

‘Pale’ by Marvin Shackleford in MoonPark Review –

‘And Sometimes We Meet’ by Dina Relles in Matchbook –

‘Storm Jars’ by Chris Miliam in formercactus –

‘Loss’ by Zac Smith in Philosophical Idiot –

‘Seven words for sand’ by Noa Sivan in Monkeybicycle –

‘Buy My Trash’ by Marisa Crane in Occulum –

‘Elementary’ by Monet P Thomas in Jellyfish Review –

‘Holding Onto Her’ by Jack Somers in Cabinet of Heed –

‘Tilt’ by Pat Foran in Anti-Heroin Chic –

‘Together on the Moon’ by Cathy Ulrich in Moonchild Magazine –

‘I (Don’t) Like Mondays’ by Jody Kennedy in Memoir Mixtapes –



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