Flash Fiction

2019 - 

Last Night I Dreamt of a Fascist Dictator, Coffin Bell (October)

Space Dew, The Drabble (September)

A Date at the End of the World, Hypnopomp Magazine (August)

The Boy on the Carriage, The Airgonaut (July)

Connecting Passengers, Back Patio Press (June)

A Date with The Scream, MoonPark Review (June)

Memoir, National Flash Fiction Day 2019, #FlashFlood (June)

I Didn't See My Doppelganger, Mystery Tribune (February)

Aurora, ElephantsNever (January)

Everyone Was In On It Except You, CHEAP POP (January)

A Series of Cosmic Micros - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4, SOFT CARTEL (January)

2018 -

More More More, X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine (December)

TransAtlantica, Bath Flash Fiction, Volume Three (December)

When It's Time To Go, Okay Donkey Mag (November)

The DSH Sanctuary, Five:2:One Mag (November)

Our Immortal Night, The Molotov Cocktail, #FlashMonster 3rd Prize Winner (October)

Moving to the Big City, SOFT CARTEL (October)

Two Paramedics, Philosophical Idiot (September)

Fish Brain Therapy, The Molotov Cocktail, #FlashBeast Finalist (August)

Pen, The 404 Ink Literary Magazine, Issue 4: INK (July)

The Blurred Face Island Scandal, National Flash Fiction Day 2018, #FlashFlood (June)

Meloncholia, Occulum, Issue 6 (May)

Ferris Wheel, The Open Pen (April)

2016 - 2021, formercactus, Issue 7 (April)

A Guarantee, Paragraph Planet (April) *Select April 13th*

Brian & I, Drunk Monkeys, Pop Culture Issue (April)

The Amputee Clinic, Riggwelter Press, Issue 8 (April) *Go to page 40*

Living Disection, Scottish Book Trust, 'Rebel' Campaign (March)

Alien Abdoption, Cabinet of Heed, Issue 4 (February)